Spreadable Media Summary

15 01 2013

Hey guys, I know I haven’t blogged in quite some time now, mainly because the appeal of blogging has once again been lost on me. Not quite sure why, perhaps it is the amount of time it takes me to write even the smallest of posts, coupled with the constant thought that I would much rather be working on something else. If I was just ranting about my thoughts or even writing line after line of lyrics (never gonna happen), then I think I could be a regular blogger and maybe even learn to enjoy it, but that just isn’t the case. Anyway, on with this post…

The past post I uploaded (which was only earlier today, actually written a while ago but obviously I forgot to upload it, sucks to be me) talked about my ideas for the spreadable media project. These ideas luckily turned out to be the one’s I decided to stick with, and as such I have created and uploaded these artifacts to the barrel of laughs that is the world wide web. So, let’s take a look at them then. (Note: If you would like to know why I chose to make these particular artifacts please read my last post here.)

The first artifact I created was an audio/video mashup of the following songs: “E.T.” by Katy Perry, “Starry Eyed” by Ellie Goulding, and “The Island” by Pendulum. The mashup is appropriately named “E.T.’s Starry Island” and can be viewed here or here. The reason for there being two links is because YouTube wouldn’t let me upload the video component of the mashup due to copyright issues (and as a requirement of the assignment our videos had to be uploaded to youtube), so instead I had to upload only the audio with a picture explaining the situation and directing potential traffic to Vimeo, where they could watch the whole thing. For those that are interested, the audio component of the mashup was made using Ableton Live 8, and the video component was made using iMovie. This video was by far my most successful, netting a total of 493 views between both YouTube and Vimeo at the time of writing, however I was surprised at the difference in view count between the two sites. On YouTube this artifact got a measly 51 plays, yet on Vimeo it managed to obtain 442 plays. This is not something I was expecting, as I had always assumed YouTube to be the better of the two sites to upload my music related videos to (perhaps I was wrong?). To keep this blog reasonably short I will only show the view stats from the Vimeo link as it is the more substantial of the two, however, unfortunately Vimeo only shows weekly stats unless you are a Vimeo Plus or Pro member (which I am not), so I have chosen one week in particular to feature in this post. (Note: Click on the images to see them at full size.)

Mashup Stats

This graph shows the first week of views for this video, and as you can see, it managed to net 390 views in this first week, meaning that since then it has only received 52 plays. One day in particular stands out on this graph, and that is the 15th December, also the day that I shared the video on the /r/mashups subreddit (coincidence? methinks not). It’s first days view count is a result of me spreading the video on my Facebook and Twitter, so the views likely came from my friends and family, and any people that saw them share it on their own feeds. After this the reddit community obviously takes over in view count and for a couple of days afterwards there is a slight backwash in views up to the friday when it only receives nine. After this the amount of views it got dropped significantly despite my attempts to continue sharing the video through Facebook and Twitter, as well as cross posts on other subreddits.

My next artifact was a video of me covering “Chicago Is So Two Years Ago” by Fall Out Boy, in an acoustic style (reliving my teenage years), which can be viewed here. The recording quality of this video was generally quite bad as I recorded it live through a webcam and laptop mic. Overall I suppose it wasn’t too bad, but it definitely could have been done better. At the time of writing this video has received a total of 151 views (not much at all), despite attempts to share through Facebook and Twitter, as well as sharing on the /r/coversongs subreddit.

FOB Stats

As you can see from the statistics graph, the rate of views seems to have increased at a reasonably constant rate, without any major peaks or drops. Reddit did seem to help me obtain a fair few views, but not as much as Facebook, which is interesting as this is something that I would not have expected.

My final artifact was another video of me covering a song in an acoustic style, however this time the song I covered was “All I Want” by A Day To Remember. My video can be viewed here. At the time of writing this video has the least amount of views out of all three of my artifacts. This is odd to me as the recording quality is better than the other cover I did, still played live but using my acoustic guitar pickup and a Shure SM58 to record the audio instead of my laptop mic. Also as far as the cover itself goes, it is more varied from the original than my other cover, and is also more technically difficult. Yet this video only managed to obtain 76 views at the time of writing. Again this video was shared through Facebook and Twitter and was also shared Reddit, however this time I decided to share it to the /r/ICoveredASong subreddit, perhaps it was this that was my downfall?

ADTR Stats

This graph shows a reasonably constant rate of views with no major peaks or drops, much like the other cover I did, however one major difference can be observed. The number of views from Reddit on this video is one, yes, just one view. Looking at the post on Reddit I can see that it has been downvoted once and upvoted zero times, which means that I can assume one person looked at the video on Reddit, decided they didn’t like it and downvoted it, as such the video probably became buried in it’s early stages with no real means of getting it’s way back up to the top and as such lost Reddit’s backing (the internet can be a harsh mistress). This could explain why this video has received fewer views than my other cover, or perhaps it could be to do with how famous the original bands are, or maybe even personal preference regarding the songs I chose to cover.

Well, I guess this post has been going on for quite a bit now (way longer than any of my others) so I guess I should wrap it up, provide a conclusion and all that. I believe that the biggest factor in how a video gains popularity is to do with where it is initially shared, in order to get the ball rolling. My highest viewed video was uploaded to a much larger subreddit than the other two (/r/mashup has 20 times more subscribers than /r/ICoveredASong, and twice as many as /r/coversongs), which would most definitely explain why it received the amount of views it did, not to mention such a huge spike in views after being shared there. It could also be something to do with the activity of the community involved, perhaps that subreddit is much more active than the other two mentioned. Ultimately it could just be down to content quality, although I find that hard to see, as I have previously stated I believe my third artifact to be of much better quality than my second, yet the second has received over twice as many views.




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