YouTube Culture/My First Vlog!

18 11 2012

In preparation for this post I decided to have a go at making my own vlog. I must say I found the whole experience very strange, however, I do totally see the appeal in vlogging and would definitely like to keep it up (if only I had some more interesting/funny topics to talk about). Anyway, as far as vlogs go it is pretty sub par, but I thought, what better way to talk about YouTube culture and vlogging than to actively take part in it. So here it is:

So now that you’ve seen my attempt, let me talk a little about it. I have to admit that this did take me a while to make, which may seem strange as it’s only a short video with practically no editing, and I don’t really talk about much. However, I am possibly the least confident person in existence and even this short video took a lot of guts for me to finish and upload. It definitely makes me feel a lot of respect towards the people that vlog about their issues on a regular basis, it’s definitely not easy. From this experience, I can totally understand the therapeutic values of vlogging, and how it must help others to know that there are people out there with the same problems as them, who are willing to talk about it in front of a massive audience, such as the YouTube community. This ability to express yourself so openly in front of so many people (without fear of rejection or abuse) makes said community an incredibly appealing place to be. This said, there are still people on YouTube that wish to bring others down, as there is in any community. The anonymity of YouTube enables people to say pretty much whatever they want via comments, without too much worry of the repercussions. This can make YouTube seem like quite a daunting place sometimes, however I feel that the positive comments tend to outweigh the negative ones, and luckily if a person is really that worried then they can turn commenting on their videos off, however I feel this kind of detracts from the sense of community.

I have been trying to understand why people like to upload videos to YouTube, and there seems to be a few main reasons: potential fame, acceptance within a larger community, a chance to be somebody else. One of Michael Wesch’s theories in his video (“An anthropological introduction to YouTube”) is that we live in a state of increasing individualism, independence, and commercialisation; and as such we are now longing for community, relationships, and authenticity. It is this concept that he believes shapes what we see in YouTube. I know that from my point of view, the reason I upload the videos that I do is in an attempt to help promote my music better, and YouTube is a pretty good platform for doing that. I have never really uploaded anything other than my tracks until the vlog I made for this post, and to be honest, the experience of doing so has made me want to make even more of them. So I guess I could say I have found it fulfilling, even if I didn’t really talk about anything that important. Perhaps it is this sense of fulfilment gained from actively taking part in the YouTube community that causes people to continue to post the videos that they do?




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15 01 2013

Nice vblog, getting yourself out there. it is a good way for you to promote you music, I had a look at them the other day I enjoyed it.. best way for you to promote would be by vbogs and videos of your talent.

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