My Contributions and Highlights

18 11 2012

In terms of my contributions (or lack of) to this module, I feel like I have been very behind in regards to others. I don’t really have an excuse for this, although I will say that from the start of the module I found it very hard to become interested and inspired by the subject matter. However, that being said, I didn’t really give the module a chance, and as stupid as it sounds now, whilst catching up on the set blog posts, I have really started to enjoy it. If only I had given it a chance sooner, perhaps I would have been more inspired to contribute more fully to the module. Regardless of this, there is no point in me dwelling on this now, though hindsight is a beautiful thing.

Despite my lack of contribution I do have several highlights from the module so far. The first of these is my increased use of Twitter and other social media platforms. I am finding this to be of great help when trying to expand my network and promote my music. I have learnt much more about how to utilise these platforms in order to achieve my goals and that is definitely something I am very pleased with. Another highlight for me was making my first video blog. I found this experience very strange at first, but then after I had experimented with it for a while I started to enjoy it much much more and am now considering the possibility of a weekly video blog. I know this will be useful in regards to promotion as well as social development. Last but not least, I thoroughly enjoyed researching remix culture and writing a post about it. This is a subject I have looked into a little in the past and also something quite close to my heart, as it enabled me to talk about the remixes I have done with apertje as well as those by other producers I know and love. In fact I think one of the most enjoyable things for me in this module was being tasked to watch the videos on remix culture and YouTube culture, all of which I found to be greatly inspirational. They really made me think about myself and how I use social technologies.




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