A Reflection On My Network

18 11 2012

My online network is split into three sections, personal (friends and family), apertje (music related), and professional development (education and career prospects).

Out of the three, I would say that I probably put the most amount of time and effort into the personal section. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as I believe that people are more likely to want to help someone that they know on a personal level, thus increasing the number of people that I can rely on to constantly re-share/spread the word about new projects/tracks I am working on/have released. This is probably not the best approach in regards to my music, and as such I suppose it might be a better idea to focus more on the apertje network, in order to build it up and thus create a bigger fan base with which I can share my newest projects/tracks. One downside to this though is inconsistency, in the sense that people will be more likely to re-share what they like and shun what they don’t like. This differs from the more consistent re-sharing brought about through my personal network, however it does offer a form of criticism that I can use to help shape future work in order to keep my fan base happy. Thinking about it like this, I can see that both of these section are important, and that they offer different benefits. However, it would probably be more beneficial for my music if I spent more time working on the apertje network as apposed to my personal network.

In regards to the third section, professional development, it is pretty safe to say I haven’t spent any time at all working on it. This is a pretty bad realisation, and is definitely something that I need to fix.

Overall, it’s hard to say that I’m happy with how I manage my network, as I probably do spend far too much time on my personal connections, and nowhere near enough time on apertje or my professional development. Hopefully this won’t be too hard of a change to make.




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