My Digital Identity

13 11 2012

These days when it comes to social networking, like most people I know, I tend to keep it between Twitter and Facebook. As well as these I have a Soundcloud and a Youtube channel, and I also enjoy spending a small amount of time (although still far too much) lurking on Reddit. In the past I have also been connected with other social networks, but over time have lost interest or found no need for them. As it stands for me, Facebook is a way to connect on a personal level with my close friends and family exclusively, Twitter is more of an open conversation with which anyone and everyone can join in, and Reddit is what keeps me occupied whilst I am waiting for people to reply.

As previously mentioned, I mainly use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, however I also have a Facebook page which I use to keep people up to date with apertje. This page is not updated nearly as much as it should be, however it still manages to serve its purpose as a central hub, that links apertje’s Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube channels together. Although Twitter is set up under the name apertje, it is not exclusively used in this way, as I also use it as my personal Twitter. This way I get to connect to friends and family, as well as anyone interested in apertje on a much more personal level. I find this frees up the apertje Facebook page for more important music related updates. Reddit is an odd one for me, seeing as I only lurk there (frequenting a website but only to read), so I can’t really claim to do much networking through there. However it does play an important role in my internet activities, providing me with both a source of news and entertainment, something that I find quite useful given my current lack of TV in halls. Out of all of these, I think my most frequently used social platform is probably Facebook, as I tend to leave myself logged in most the time so I can use its chat feature as a messenger to communicate with friends and family pretty much every day. Reddit is not something I would necessarily go on every day, and although I might update my Twitter more often than my Facebook, I would still say that Facebook is the social network that I choose to use the most.




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