First Post!

27 09 2012

Hello! My name is Adam Pearman and I am currently studying a MSc in Audio Production at the University of Salford. As part of one of my modules, and in an attempt to try and boost my online presence, I have decided to start a blog. Welcome to that blog! I am not quite sure what exactly I will be blogging about just yet, but I assume it will be related to my course/professional development in one way or another.

I also like to make music under the alias ‘apertje’, however I feel that there will be little talk of that project in this blog. If you would like to keep up to date with the latest happenings in regards to ‘apertje’, then you can find me on facebook, twitteryoutubesoundcloud, and in the not so distant future, tumblr. 😀




One response

12 10 2012

Hey Adam – would love to know more about ‘apertje’ via this blog. It’s a great space to write about stuff in a more reflective way (rather than promotion, for instance). Bet you’ve got loads of interesting thoughts/ideas in relation to music 🙂

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